Media Director Nichole Kirsch Named Principal
Wed, July 27, 2016

Independent Dallas advertising agency Firehouse today announced that Media Director Nichole Kirsch has been named Principal, effective immediately.

Since joining Firehouse in 2009, Kirsch has been the driving force in building a media department with a team of specialists and generalists across multiple media types. Over the past six years, she’s built a robust team that now has dedicated teammates focused on traditional, digital and SEO/SEM, providing Firehouse a full-service and fully-integrated media team.

“I truly don’t know what I would do without Nichole, or, for that matter, what the agency would do without her,” said Steve Smith, Partner, Planning. “Her contributions are wide-ranging, and her performance clearly warrants her elevation to the role of Principal. She is and will continue to be an important strategic leader for Firehouse."

As Media Director, Kirsch is a top-notch strategist in her own right, but she truly excels at building her team’s capabilities and in designing processes that improve their output. Named to Principal because of her role even outside of the media department, Kirsch is an agency leader, involved in negotiating compensation and developing performance-based compensation agreements. She also has an important voice in the agency’s continued development and direction.

Prior to her role at Firehouse, Kirsch served on the media team at TracyLocke working on Pepsi brands and at a Hispanic agency working on Nissan and Kimberly Clark.